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Personal stats

1  Rena
Last talked: 22.8.2010 13:42
Visits: 148
Status: Operator
Lines: 11232
Active days: 711/2001
Average lines per day: 16
Average letters per line: 57.5
Opped people 13 times
Has kicked out 85 people
Number of descriptions: 110
CAPS ratio: 11%
Question ratio: 1.3%
Exclamation ratio: 25%
Conversations killed: 1
2 nicknames used
Weekly activity  Hourly activity

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
The latest lines
22.8.2010 12:24<Rena> (setsukun) I'll slice your face off and wear it as a mask. We can do this all day.
12:57<Rena> (Evvie) I would replace your life with spiders.
13:42<Rena> (Church) I don't want to hear about no motherfucking ifs. All I want to hear from your ass is you ain't got no problem Krystal, I'm on the motherfucker. Go back in there, chill them Snoll Gelato's out, and wait for the cavalry, which should be coming directly.
2 Raikou
Last talked: 19.8.2010 2:23
Visits: 1680
Status: Half-Operator
Lines: 7557
Active days: 197/2001
Average lines per day: 38
Average letters per line: 19.8
Has kicked out 3 people
Has been kicked out 32 times
Topics set: 3
CAPS ratio: 1.1%
Question ratio: 5.6%
Exclamation ratio: 1.4%
Conversations killed: 1
5 nicknames used
Weekly activity  Hourly activity

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24
The latest lines
19.8.2010 2:22<Raikou> prob gonna go to bed
2:23<Raikou> later
2:23<Raikou> tell kafei/whoever hi pls
2:23<Raikou> bb

Big Numbers

Raikou couldn't decide whether to come or go and joined #Roleplay 1680 times during this reporting period...
Misty liked showing off, giving 1157 self-descriptions.
 [00:40:15] * %Misty is away
Rena had the kicking boots on, using them on 85 people in #Roleplay.
 [00:38:07] <%Evvie> I'M PRETTY SURE I GOT PROMOTED
[00:40:04] * Evvie was kicked by Rena ([Kick No:11065])

Also DJ tried to look cool by kicking out 30 people.

The sore butt award goes to Raikou for being kicked out 32 times.
 [01:26:15] <+Raikou> wat
[00:59:16] * Raikou` was kicked by Evvie (OH SORRY WERE THOSE YOUR BALLS)

Riddle was close behind with 28 kicks.

Rena knew exactly what to say, mentioning "Kick" 43 times.
People in #Roleplay probably wish Rena had a "mute" button - as this individual shouted 25% of the time!

The second loudest on the block: CatSM19 - 19% with high volume!

Roleplay was generous with their oppings - 3548 in total on #Roleplay.

setsukun couldn't handle the responsibility and had to be deopped 9 times.
CatSM19 was either being philosophical or just plain clueless - 17% of lines contained questions.

Skye was almost as bad, having a question ratio of 14%.

Rena didn't have anyone to talk to and performed 547 monoloques (writing over 5 lines in a row).

Runner-up auto-chatter: Raikou - was caught talking to themself 71 times.

Rena was unsure where to put the full stop, averaging 57 letters per line.

(normal people in #Roleplay wrote about 25 letters/line)

Total net split count: 371. On average that is 1.30 splits per week

Most splits per day: 10 splits on 9.11.2008

Longest net split occurred on 29.3.2009 5:55 and lasted for 384 h 30 min (2 people dropped during this split)

The most people (18) dropped on 10.7.2008 0:26. This split lasted for 2 min.
#Roleplay's nick flooders (still haven't found the best one, Doak...)
Doak16 Nicks Doak(100%), Doaks(0.0%), Doak|Gone(0.0%), Doakes(0.0%), DOAX(0.0%), Doakmaster(0.0%), Doak_Oil(0.0%), Doakez(0.0%), Doak_and_Linden(0.0%), Doakenstein(0.0%), Doakwithwheels(0.0%), doeak(0.0%), Do[a]k(0.0%), Doak_Commercials(0.0%), Doaksuke(0.0%), Dowk(0.0%)
Evvie9 Nicks Evvie(100%), Evvie|AFK(0.0%), Evvei(0.0%), EvveththeRef(0.0%), EvtR_the_Professor(0.0%), Evie(0.0%), Evvette(0.0%), EvvietheRef(0.0%), Evvvie(0.0%)
Sharu9 Nicks Sharu(100%), SharuTheGothAmpharos(0.0%), Shrew(0.0%), Sharu-san(0.0%), Sharu_Sharu(0.0%), Sharu|Shower(0.0%), Shary(0.0%), SharBOO(0.0%), Sharu_NoFite(0.0%)
Kafei6 Nicks Kafei(99%), KafeitheRef(0.1%), Kafei2(0.0%), Kafei|Laptop(0.0%), Kaf(0.0%), Kafei|Out(0.0%)
Nafredy6 Nicks Nafredy(93%), Naf`zZz(5.8%), Naf`nap(0.3%), Naf(0.3%), Naf`DnD(0.0%), Naf`afk(0.0%)

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